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Why Join TRAK

We would like you as a member of our prestigious association. TRAK was founded in April of 1981 for the purpose of preserving the integrity of the independent tower in Kentucky. Please take the time to read this important message. If you are content with all aspects of your industry, you should pass this message on to another operator who is not. However, if you are not happy with your insurance, municipal contracts, storage laws, insurance "dumping", taxes or your perceived image by the public, then read on.

Just think of how many ways TRAK can help you save money, solve some of your business problems, provide you with useful business information, and provide you with an opportunity to meet others in the towing industry. The Towing & Recovery Association of Kentucky was formed to assist you and the towing industry in such matters. We are committed to excellence in the fields of education and training, legislation, and the vital services we offer our members.

The association was formed by towmen - from single-truck operators to interstate carrier operators. If you are a small operator, you represent the majority and are the backbone of our industry in Kentucky. Please join in our commitment to improve both our image and the future progress of the towing industry. Remember: with over 650 registered towing operators in Kentucky; your membership can build this association into something we can all be proud of: a group of towers united in integrity and leadership.

Why We Need You!

  • We need your votes for clout.
  • We need your valued opinion.
  • We need your representation for unity and strength.
  • We need your help to professionalize and upgrade the industry.
  • We need your participation and concern.
  • We need your help in communicating our message.
  • We need your help to organize our efforts.

What Benefits Will You Receive?

  • Industry news/updates
  • Interpretation/explanation of legislation
  • Technical training
  • Affiliation with TRAA
  • Industry regulation updates and information
  • Programs to educate members
  • Membership decals, certificates and patches
  • Voice in state and national legislation
  • Regional trade show representation
  • Fellowship and communication
  • Monthly newsletter

Miscellaneous Other Benefits

One of the best benefits to this organization is being in contact with other towing companies throughout the state. Each and every one eager and willing to help out whenever the need be. Members are entitled to special rates and discounts with membership.

A.W. Direct offers a rebate back from total purchases to the association for use in education and training.

Members are entitled to a free listing on the World Wide Web, and to free classified listings in the newsletter.

TRAK offers scholarships to higher education bound students.

TRAK will guarantee up to $100 credit to any member that breaks down in another part of the state and is helped or assisted by another association member. (i.e. tire, belt, hose, etc.)

Speedway/SuperAmerica offers a discount on gas and fuel plus a rebate back to the association.

TRAK also offers books, manuals, and materials on Towing and Recovery industry related materials at a discounted price when they become available.

One of the biggest attributes that this association brings to its members is free training classes and seminars. This includes both the classroom and on-hands' demonstrations.

TRAK News & Events

WreckMaster training

WreckMaster 6-7 class scheduled

October Meeting

October meeting scheduled for the 23rd

April 2018 Meeting

April meeting has been scheduled for Louisville

March Meeting Scheduled

March meeting to be held in Shelbyville.

NO Meeting for February

February meeting has been cancelled.

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